Café – Bistro, Kalamaria

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Work Description

Café – Bistro, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

architectural proposal, supervision, Construction licence

The design is a combination of classic and new, with an intention to reveal old type material in new constructive forms and to create a space without main age reference. The bar is set as a main perspective of the space and its form derives from the irregular plan of the building structure, creating movement inseide and outside of it. The stairs that lead to the level +1.50 gathers moves from the lower level with a curve that fits the bar’s design. The floor in juxtaposition with the rest curved design creates movement rythm and stop-places at the main hall space.  The kitchen is part of the bar with two “curtains” of metal beams separating and protecting the different uses of space.  Wc existence is being implied with a small corridor that emphasizes the depth of the upper level. At last a secondary room full separated at the moment, gives the opportunity to double the coffe shop with just dismantling one wall.

location : Pontou str. – Kaukasou str.

duration : 7.2014-9.2014

design team :  Technolysis

size : 120,00 m2

status : under construction

Structural Engineer : Pachiadakis Emmanouil

Architect : Ravanidou Nora


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