We solve all construction requirements

From the beginning to the end

The essence of the study and planning , the realization of our customer searches. Our guide is the exact application of the design and study of the temporal and financial planning , the full supervision of the final result as the completion of the design process .

The office has a comprehensive network of trusted officials and fully qualified technicians with experience in construction and excellent expertise . We undertake construction projects of all sizes build small projects up to building and multipurpose buildings. We also undertake supervision of building work in any construction phase they are.

We Undertake

Reinforcing - Repairs +

Reinforcing – Repairs buildings and existing structures

Renovations +

Insulation building renovations – Apartments

Plasterboard - Gypsum +

Building Painting +

Excavations +

Demolitions +

Building +

Plumbing +

Plumbing – Drainage

Heating +

Heating – Boilers – Gas

Air Conditioning +

Geothermal Energy – Solar Thermal – Air Conditioning

Electrical installations +

Electrical istallations

Window Framing +

Extrerior – Interior frames

Woodworking +

Wood Flooring – Laminate – Kitchens – Cabinets – Carpentry

Tiling - Marble works +

Metal buildings +

Metal Buildings and constructions 

Prefabricated +

Prefabricated cottages