Expertise and experience

Seek our customer’s continuous interaction with the team of the office, in-depth search of ideas, methods and solutions and capture compositions inspired by integrated schemes-concept. The study is how to apply the virtual, the remodeling of materiality in accordance with the realization of the project requirements, and preparing for the implementation of construction with full knowledge and control over economic data and construction details. The evolution reveals a comprehensive synthesis of ideas and materiality, which will determine the final outcome.

Energy performance certificates

We take the issue of energy certificate for accurate energy classification of the property is necessary for the transaction and the renting of property . We collect all the necessary documents , we perform an autopsy on the property . Issue of energy certificate ( EPC ) . We discuss and suggest technical options and solutions that would improve energy his property , always aiming the financial benefit.

Program Saving home


With “Saving home” saves money and energy as you improve the energy efficiency of your home. We handle all the paperwork and supporting contacts with the relevant bodies and all the work for upgrading your home with specialized workshops mounting facade, heat pumps, gas heating, mixed etc. Contact us to entrust us with your property or your request and we will contact you.


Free inspection and surveying of the area setting. Syntax where necessary topographic chart. Create Folder plans of the property. Submit electronically all the details required for the A and B phase submission inclusion statement in N.4014 / 11 . Certificate engineering necessary for the transaction , parental benefit , donation of the property stating that the property is not executed arbitrary structures or installed arbitrary uses.